TEJAS SINGH-“A Brief History”

Before you dismiss Tejas Singh as just another jam band, keep in mind that although something Phishy is definitely going on here, this singer-songwriter’s band has one of the most extraordinary drummers I’ve heard in years. Frenetic, kinetic, and driving the entire band forward with a propulsive, gyrating rhythms, Sydney Driver is not only a star of this show, but he also knows exactly when to fill and when to lead. The interplay between his drums and James Lewis’ constantly bouncing lead guitar on the title track to this CD (EP?), are truly astounding.

As for Mr. Singh himself, yes, his vocals sound a lot like Dave Matthews Band’s and Ben Harper, two bands I am not a big fan of, but he does enough with the music that he breaks away from being yet another soundalike (see John Mayer, Jack Johnson, etc.), and brings subtle vocals to the mix.

A Brief History

JAMES ERIC-“Tonight the Moon”

We’ve written about James Eric quite a bit here, largely because of his generous on-line offerings on his website, which include witty and original covers and originals. Here’s a singer-songwriter with a folky sound that doesn’t compromise his sound to sell out. His new album, Tonight The Moon, features a really sweet tune called “Emma Lee.” Check it out, and go to his site to check out much more (some of my favorites are below). He’s also very good live, as shown on his free live album. Yeah, an entire free record. Told you he was generous.

Emma Lee (From Tonight the Moon)

Free Live Album, “So Much Closer.”

Sexyback (Justin Timberlake cover)

Search and Destroy (The Stooges)

Nobody’s Fault But My Own (Beck cover)


The humblest of these artists may be Jon Hardy and the Public. Their press pack is a faux-handwritten note and a homemade CD with eleven incredibly strong songs. Cassius Clay wanders along, smooth and mellow, to a great finish. Trouble has a great opening riff and an almost funky pace. And when I first heard I Will, I could have sworn Jackson Browne had crept into my iPod.

It’s albums like this one that make me wish I could do more for artists. The fact that Jon Hardy is last in a gang-bang post means nothing. This is a very, very good CD. If you see Jon coming to your town, don’t miss the chance to see him. Really great stuff. You can find it on iTunes and CD Baby, effective October 6 or so according to their materials.

Check it out.

I Will

Love Don’t Work Like That

Cassius Clay

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