It’s good to be Emily Haines in 2007. It’s good to listen to her any year, whether it’s when she’s playing with Metric or on one of her solo projects, Emily has a crisp voice with precise technique that favors pop over the typically more wanderous vocals of female artists.

Metric released only three albums: Grow Up and Blow Away (2002); Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003); and Live It Out (2005). But Grow Up was out of print for a long time, and hard to find, until this year when it has been re-released. You can find it here.

The re-release alone makes this year a good one for pop music. But this year Emily followed up her fantastic 2006 solo album (Knives Don’t Have Your Back) with an EP of outtakes from that same session, titled, “What Is Free To A Good Home.” Far as I know, you can only get it on iTunes. And it’s worth every penny of the $5.94 it will cost you to get it in the U.S.

Emily has long been one of my favorite pop singers.

Check her out.

P.S.: I know she was part of the Broken Social Scene collective. I just don’t dig them.

The Twist-Metric (From Grow Up and Blow Away)

Mostly Waving (TodorK Remix)-Emily Haines (From What is Free to a Good Home, available on iTunes)

Bonus covers:

Expecting to Fly (Neil Young cover)-Emily Haines

Between the Bars (Elliot Smith cover)-Emily Haines

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Bob Dylan) (acoustic)-Metric

Bonus concert: A high quality Metric show from March 4, 2006.

A few tastes, and a zip:

Live it Out
Glass Ceiling
Wet Blanket
Too Little Too Late
Poster of a Girl
Patriarch on a Vespa
Ending Start
Monster Hospital
The Police and the Private
On a Slow Night
Hustle Rose
Combat Baby
Dead Disco


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