Sam Page kicks ass. I’ve said that before, based just on an EP, but now there’s album proof positive.

The first cut, “I Don’t Want To Think About Her Anymore” doesn’t sound at first blush like it kicks ass.  It sounds like that most awful of genres, white boy rap and roll.  But listen closer.  This isn’t Everlast.  This isn’t lame.  This is infectious and fun.

Then one of the singles comes on, “Now I Know,” and it’s true.  Now I know.  Sam Page kicks ass.

He says his music is for fans of Weezer and Cake, and that’s true.  Everybody loves cake.

Is it to early to post a candidate for one of the best albums of 2013?

Probably.  But fuck it.  Get “Breach.”

Don’t argue with me, just obey.

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