MARMOSET–Florist Fired

Marmoset‘s “Florist Fired” begins with a somewhat awkward drum lead, accompanied by a guitar that sounds like the tolling of big ben. It then explodes into the title track, featuring anthemic vocal fuzz and lo-fi, high energy rock over the mantra, “Please go way! There’s nothing I can say!” And as soon as that begins, it switches gear into the closer-to-hardcore “Das Boot.” And again, that songs ends quick. It’s followed by another percussion-heavy number, “Eat Me Out.” (I’m sure you can guess what that’s about.) So far, not a single song over 2 minutes, and most are under 1. Perfect for a short-attention-span guy like myself.

“Laughing With Minx,” the next track, is a slower number, but I’m already ready for a rest. It’s longer than the tracks that preceded it, too. Two minutes seven seconds.

What proceeds are a series of songs that more like bits of songs–stuff that creeps into your ear and then fades out (or crashes out) before you can start nodding your head. “Florist Fired” is more collage than record. You won’t find singles here. But what you will find is a great stoner record. Something to put on and trance out to. Best listened to with headphones and minimal visual input, I recommend this album to all fans of Pink Floyd (especially their Syd Barret works) and modern psychedelia. Personally, I enjoy this record quite a bit. It’s hard to post something from it, though, since you really have to hear the whole thing to really get it.

It’s brought to you by Secretly Canadian–one of the most interesting indie labels around these days. They were wiling to produce this Indiana band when, I guess, American labels wouldn’t. For shame, U.S., tsk! Whatever else you might think of the record (it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it fascinating), you can’t say it’s common. It’s precisely the kind of innovation we need more of in these days of cookie-cutter pop-and-bling.

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