The Tipitina’s Foundation recently released a nice little charity album to raise funds to rebuild Fats Domino’s home and create a community center in the Crescent City’s still ravaged Lower 9th Ward. (You may remember that he was the most famous person devastated by Katrina.) It’s a grand double-disk that includes: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers doing a great swinging version of I’m Walkin’; Willie Nelson’s down-home blues cover of I Hear You Knockin’; Robert Plant with Lil’ Band Of Gold on It Keeps Rainin’; and B.B. King on Goin’ Home. There’s also tunes that have an apostrophe, like Be My Guest by Ben Harper and I Want To Walk You Home by Paul McCartney. Other stars studding the CD include Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Neil Young, and more.

Buy it and help support the victims of Katrina.

Tom Petty-I’m Walkin’ (From the collection.)

Heard Em Say-Kanye West and Mike Meyers (Katrina Mix). (For Katrina.)

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