EARLIMART-“Mentor Tormentor”

Earlimart‘s fifth record, Mentor Tormentor, is the first Earlimart record I’ve listened to in its entirety. No yelling at me, now! I know you are all much better music nerds than I am. Nevertheless, I’d rather arrive late than never. Mentor Tormentor contains 15 cuts of pure indie rock and pop bliss. There’s not a clunker on the album, from the sing-along joy of “Cold Cold Heaven” to upbeat acoustic strumming of “Nothing is True,” complete with a whistle solo straight out of Don McLean, and a carnival breakdown. Fakey Fake has just enough feedback to be cool, without descending into that least-of-all-accessible genres, noisepop, and with the breathy vocals the track could easily be a Luna outtake. But don’t be fooled by the glossy pop–their music is also serious and contemplative. “Don’t (You) Think About Me,” is heartbreaking, and “Answers and Questions” is a thought-provoking toe-tapper. I would bet even money this ends up being one of the hottest indie albums of the year, if only us bloggers catch on. Go buy a copy, share it with your friends, and spread the word: This is the best summer album you’ll buy this year.

For fans of: Peter Bjorn and John, Voxtrot, and the like.

Nothing is True

Don’t think about me


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