DAYE JACK-Hello World

Daye Jack’s Hello World isn’t the best mixtape I’ve heard this year, but it’s the best one I’ve heard this month. And it is definitely one of the more varied mixtapes I’ve heard this year. It seems to bounce between a harsh, almost Mystikal-like delivery and a mellow, laid-back flow over new age beats that glide seductively across the ear (think Chance the Rapper without as many heavy drug references).

He’s an NYU student who hails form Atlanta, which explains the almost schizophrenic way he bounces between these two styles.

Lyrically, Daye Jack needs to get smoe more experience. He doesn’t have enough to say yet–he seems to be finding his center–but he’s definitely one to watch. His style feels effortless and polished at the same time–perfect for a major label in the late 1990s, but these days he’s not quite commercial enough. And that’s a compliment. It means he doesn’t sound like every other rapper out there.

Stream a few tracks, and if you dig it then download the whole mixtape for free at DATPIFF.

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