Well, I’m sad to say that unlike the other interblognetpolls I’ve taken, this one is a bust. Not only are the responses few and far between, but they’re all over the place. If you’re curious to see some of them, the ones that weren’t e-mailed to me, you can find them here. As you can see, there are no clear far and away winners. A few votes for the same tunes here and there, but nothing overwhelming. So, I’m gonna close the voting and post my own list.

For those who did respond, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL! You may be receiving a notice that you’re getting some free swag as a reward for participating.

My list, in no particular order:

1. Cold Wind-Arcade Fire (From 6 Feet Under). Their most chilling song, other than tunnels.

2. Everybody Knows-Concrete Blonde (From Pump Up The Volume). A vastly underrated movie (with a horrible title–that song isn’t even in the flick) about pirate radio, with a terrific soundtrack. This is just one of the great songs on it.

3. Juice-Eric B and Rakim (From Juice). A classic film from one of the world’s best street poets, and the title track from a film starring rap’s greatest martyr. (Or second greatest, if you prefer B.I.G.)

4. Bad Days-Flaming Lips (From Batman Forever). The Bats movies seemed to have really good OSTs back in the 90s.

5. Deep Cover-Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg (From Deep Cover). World, meet Snoop.

6. Such Great Heights-Iron and Wine (From Garden State). A cover that comes close to the original.

7. One-Aimee Mann (From Magnolia). A cover that surpasses the original.

8. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me-U2 (From Batman Returns). I also wanted to put something from the first Batman movie here, the one Prince scored, but the whole album is so good I couldn’t settle on one track.

9. Anything from the soundtrack to Straight to Hell. Lots of folks picked cuts from this album, and it is truly great. Punk country. I think it may be out of print, which is a goddamn shame.

10. State of Love and Trust-Pearl Jam (From Singles).

Honorable mention:

Let’s Do It-Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg (From Tank Girl). Love this whole album.

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