I love it when I get submissions by little-known bands fighting to break out. This is one. The EP has a pretty straightforward indie sound, at least musically, with vocals by a guy who sounds remarkable like Billy Corgan. He knows when to shout and when to snarl. One thing that makes them special is the focus on the piano, an instrument not used enough by the harder indie rock bands, and the psychedelic guitar work reminiscent of The Byrds. But most remarkable is the drumming–truly great–and the final track on the EP, the slow cut, which is a standout. I definitely want to hear more!

Hollywood-Eastern Conference Champions


And here’s a taste of what one of my favorite indie bands is working on. You can get it at myspace, according to the band, but I can’t get their myspace pages to work. So I got them to send it me, as what I think is a blog exclusive.

Big Buildings make great rock, with a slight Americana taste.

Alaska-Big Buildings

And if you like that, try this, too:

Manzarek-Big Buildings (live)

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