MOTOCADE-“Into the Fall”

Tough, tight riffs and a trebly, whispery, strained falsetto? Check. Slow builds to adrenaline hooks? Check. The occasional profanity and slightly political overtones? Check. The latest member of the British Indie rock invasion is . . . From New Zealand. But Motocade isn’t just another Bloc Party soundalike. What the band lacks in innovation, they make up for in increased accessiblity. When Motocade play, they sound effortless, even on tracks that clearly weren’t singles. You might say they’re the FM-friendly version of Bloc Party. After listening straight through, the album does get a little redundant. I’d like to hear if there’s more they can do, because they obviously have good control over the postpunk genre. But, after all, this is only an EP, and for what it is it’s a solid debut. I’m sure we can expect more from this band in the future.

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