I’m baaaaaack! My connection is finally right, and I’ll be reviewing an indie album before the weekend is through–have to write up my notes. In the meantime, though, I’ve been running over this post ever since I heard Zeitgeist was coming.

Unfortunately, it’s not terribly good.

The Pumpkins, however, were awesome once. In their prime. Especially live. See for yourself, below.

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Now, on with the musical post.

The Smashing Pumpkins, A to Z!

These songs are almost all covers and/or live songs. ‘Cause if you don’t already own at least two copies of MC&TIS, and at least one of every other SP album, you need to rectify that situation already.

A is for Auf Weidersien (Cheap Trick cover)-Smashing Pumpkins.

B is for Blue Oyster Cult’s Godzilla-Smashing Pumpkins. Oh no! There goes Tokyo! B is also for Syd Barrett, and this cover of one of his tunes. Terrapin-Smashing Pumpkins.

C is for C is for The Chambers Brothers’ Time Has Come Today, as covered by the Pumpkins. Have you ever heard The Ramones’ version of this? It’s awesome. Blows the original away.

D is for Disarm (live version)-Smashing Pumpkins. Or check out Harry’s Hard Remix version!

E is for Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)-The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s just a tease. Don’t get too excited.

F is for Forever Young-Billy Corgan.

G is for Geek U.S.A.-Smashing Pumpkins (live version).

H is for Heavy Metal Machine/White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)-Smashing Pumpkins. From the current tour.

I is for I Am One-+44 (Pumpkins cover). And here’s a boot of the Pumpkins doing this great song themselves, back in ’91.

J is for The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover)-Smashing Pumpkins.

L is for Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover)-Smashing Pumpkins (acoustic).

M is for For Martha-Smashing Pumpkins.

N is for Never Let Me Down Again-Smashing Pumpkins and Depeche Mode.

O is for Out of Focus (Blue Cheer cover)-Smashing Pumpkins. This is from a show at San Francisco’s I-Beam, a great place to see a concert.

O is also for Once In a Lifetime (Talking Heads)-Smashing Pumpkins.

P is for Pavement’s cover of 1979. I wish this were better quality. If anyone out there has a better one, please send it to me! And here’s a version of 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins with The Frogs.

R is for Rocket (acoustic version)-Billy Corgan. It’s also for the Rhinoceros (Reggae Version)-Smashing Pumpkins.

S is for Sookie Sookie (Steppenwolf)-Smashing Pumpkins.

T is for throwback. It’s also for Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight-Smashing Pumpkins.

W is for Join Together (Who cover)-Smashing Pumpkins. It’s also for Tom Waits! Ol 55-Smashing Pumpkins.

X and Y are for X.Y.U.-Smashing Pumpkins. Tell me you didn’t see that one coming…

Bye for now!

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