At Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on June 16, in The Other Tent, a Tennessee crowd was favored with an extraordinary and rare treat. Led Zeppelin reunited! Well, not really. But Led Zep bass player John Paul Jones was joined by Ben Harper on guitar and ?uestlove (from the formerly relevant hip hop band The Roots) on the skins to reform the power trio in indie’s image. Enjoy.

When the Levee Breaks-Jones, ?uestlove, Harper and M Ward

Good Times Bad Times-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

Ramble On Jam-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

Inner City Blues-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

Dazed and Confused -Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

How Many More Times Jam-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

Dazed and Confused Jam-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

Superstition-Jones, ?uestlove, and Harper

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