Announcing a few July dates on the West Coast is Rademacher, a band that we’ve enjoyed for a long time but haven’t posted on since we moved from blogger to wordpress. We like the rough and dark sound. The paranoia underneath it all. The gritty cynicism. Gutsy, unpredictable songs that don’t seem to care if you like them or not.

But it isn’t just music to commit daterape to, it’s also for when you want to get drunk and talk philosophy. Their songs aren’t heavy on hooks, but yet still catchy. Sometimes a song will be going along like any other indie rock song and then suddenly veer off into contempt or disgust or fear and self-loathing…It’s real college rock, the kind we don’t hear as often as we used to: Brooding, thoughtful, upset at the world, at times self-indulgent, and never, ever dull.

I love this band. Their song, “They Are Always Into That” has been stuck in my head for about 18 months now.

And they’ve kindly offered to all a live acoustic set they did on KXLU, as well as a few singles that may (will?) be on the upcoming album, and some old stuff. When the album comes out, I’ll be sure to review it. This is a band with an open invitation to come to the corner any time they want.

The KXLU acoustic set (follow link), including my favorite of the bunch: Out of State.

If You Got Some Magic-Rademacher

Playing for Fun-Rademacher

They Are Always Into That-Rademacher

Tour dates:

7.02.07 – Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge
7.03.07 – Long Beach, CA – Casa Vino
7.05.07 – Fresno, CA – Tokyo Garden
7.06.07 – Sacramento, CA – Old Ironsides
7.08.07 – Seattle, WA – Comet Tavern
7.09.07 – Portland, OR – Tiger Bar
7.11.07 – Salt Lake City – Kilby Court
7.12.07 – Reno, NV – XOXO Bar

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