1.  Ghost Rider. In what may be called leading with the chin, I’m reporting first about the in-the-works sequel to Nic Cage’s horrible rendition of the best-looking-but-worst-written Marvel character, Ghost Rider.  According to MTV News, screenwriter David Goyer says about the sequel: “It doesn’t contradict anything that happened in the first film, but we’re pretending that our audience hasn’t seen the first film.”  What a coincidence!  We’re all trying to forget we ever saw it!  Is there any chance in (ahem) hell that this will be a decent movie?

2.  A Big Honkin’ Dog And A Bear. Does a “Marmaduke” movie count as comic news?  Not likely.  Owen Wilson has signed on as the voice of . . . The dog?  Uh, guys?  He doesn’t talk.  He’s not Garfield or Opus.  He’s just an idiotic pooch.  And does Owen Wilson really need the money?  It’s not like he’s Bill Murray or something . . . On the other hand, Anna Faris, Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake are supposedly negotiating roles in a Yogi Bear live action movie.  So, it’ll be a sucky movie based on a sucky cartoon.  Brilliant!  So, basically, if Ernie Hudson signs on to be Captain Caveman and Harold Ramis stars in a live-action Far Side, we’ll have enough for an all-4-Ghostbusters-selling-out movie night!  Sorry, that was a cheap shot.  Besides, Aykroyd sold out long ago.

3. Deadpool Corps! Coming in March, 5 one-shots, released one per week, each Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Severed Headpool, and Dogpool.  Okay, this could be good, but Deadpool #900 was mishmash.  There’s too many writers of Deadpool, too few new ideas.  Marvel is killing the golden goose, just like ABC did Regis Philbin’s Millionaire show . . .

4.  But I’m hapy to hear that they’re bringing Young Avengers back, and putting it in the hands of the book’s original creative team, Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung.  Coming in July 2010.  The Young Avengers book was highly underrated, and then it was followed by a series of way-too-dark “origins” one-shots that pretty much sucked.  The cool thing of this group is that it’s like a Power Pack for older kids—slightly more mature and intelligent, but still full of the innocence of children and the “wow!” of having powers.  I have high hopes.

5.  Here’s a question: Is anything going to actually happen in Blackest Night? I bought all three tie-in minis (Superman/Batman/Teen Titans) and I gotta say, I liked reading them but I feel a little gipped.

6.  Anybody out there into Micronauts?  As a kid, they were second only to Shogun Warriors as the World’s Coolest Toys, and I really haven’t seen any since that compare to their quality and versatility.  The comic book based on the toy was . . . Well, it was better than the Transformers and Shogun Warriors comic books, but not as good as Larry Hama’s GI Joe (which actually preceded the “Real American Hero” toys). Bill Mantlo’s a decent writer, but it was really Michael Golden’s art that stole the show.  That dude is wicked underrated.  I saw him at the Baltimore comicon and got to tell him he’s one of my heroes.  That was a thrill. Anyway, I digress.  Star Trek’s J.J. Abrams is looking to turn the ‘Nauts into a movie.  Hmm.  Well, Star Trek didn’t suck, so, maybe . . .

7.  And I’d like to close this out by asking you to please help hype my site.  I think the “Best Comics of the Decade” series I’ve got going on right now is great, and I hope you do, too.  Your comments are welcome, and, please, spread it around wherever you can!

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