Okay, so there’s this song “Blood on the Wings” on Justice of the Unicorns‘ new album, Animals Will Be Stoned.  It’s not about getting your redwings, though.  It’s about all these dudes who died in plane crashes like Buddy Holly and Big Bopper.  “There’s gas in the air!  And blood on the wings!  And crying!”  I’m listening to the lead singer, whose low, deep voice sounds like a little like Lou Reed on acid, and I’m laughing, and I’m wondering….Is this supposed to be funny? Then there’s the song about “Mary Jane,” whose dog has her shoe and the police are laughing.  And “Old Man Jesus”–“When his tombstone cracks, the girls are gonna laugh at him.  They’re gonna laugh all night.”  Then there’s the album cover by Boris Vallejo. And shout outs to John Wayne and Peter Jennings. And requests to “jump start my baby.” It never stops. Relentlessly brilliant one-liners. Better than Emo Phillips, ’cause it’s got rhythm. Great music. Great vocals. There’s nothing bad about this album. You hear me, nothing?

This band has to know they’re hysterically funny, right?  I mean, like King Missle: Good music, great lyrics….The album is a tribute to 1970s rock, and it’s fucking awesome.  If you don’t like this album, you’re an idiot.

On Little Lambs recordings.

Animals Will Be Stoned

Download Justice of the Unicorns Animals Will Be Stoned

Stairway to Hell

Download Justice of the Unicorns Stairway to Hell

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