DUNGEN-“Tio Bitar”

Beginning with a feedback-laden “Intro” that sounds vaguely like a Jimi Hendrix version of Amazing Grace, Dungen’s “Tio Bitar” (which means, “10 pieces”) proceeds to travel through rock that is simultaneously psychedelic and meditative. Hailing from Sweden, the band’s record is original a piece of work that you’ll find these days. I tend to be pretty Eurocentric with my listening, and the fact that Dungen isn’t in English is definitely a barrier, but the music is so brilliant, so confident, so transcendental, that I find myself drawn into it. Shredding guitar work, excellent drums, sweet harmonies . . . It’s got it all.

Sadly, the label only wants “Familj” released by this blog. Very unfortunate, because it’s my least favorite number on the record. I’d love to post Ett Skal Att Trivas, which is a great 60s throwback tune, or the powerful Svart Ar Himlen, which sounds like a mash-up of Nine Inch Nails vs. The Stills, and features some of the most extraordinary drumming this side of Black Sabbath.

But take what you can get. If you can, go to Spinner and stream the whole thing. It’s cool.


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