First things first: I’m a bit of a grammar nazi, although I try to loosen up for the blog. But the name of this band invites ambiguity, and I wanna know if it’s intentional: Are we hearing a band named drawn from listening to the radio early in the morning, or from the fact that the only boombox in their ‘hood can’t find an FM signal?

The music offers no answers. Nor do the liner notes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In fact, it’s hard to find much wrong with
The One A.M. Radio’s third album, This Too Will Pass. For one thing, how many musicians out there are making songs that are heavily influenced by Simon and Garfunkle, Donovan, and Jefferson Airplane? While it’s true that the 2000 decade seems to be shaping up to be the new 1970s, what with so much psychedic rock and garage bands, but I rarely receiving submissions that seem happy to invite comparisons to the softer side of the early ’70s. Their songs are moody, and their lyrics are reflective, but they’re never maudlin, twee or cynical. The refrain for “In the Time We’ve Got,” for example, calls: “You hide the city in you.” It’s a love song about loving someone–not about losing them. While “Cast Away” tells of being jilted, it’s not sentimental or corny.

The formula doesn’t always work–“Lest I Forget,” for example, creeps so slowly you forget it’s there and “Mercury” sounds like filler. But when the songs do gel, they’re catchy and wonderful. A solid album, worth seeking out. Especially if you like The Postal Service or The Stars.

in the time we’ve got-the one a.m. radio

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