RYAN ADAMS A to Z: The Covers

See yesterday. There’s a ZIP file.

Let’s do this.

A is for Answering Bell-Elton John and Ryan Adams. Technically, Ryan can’t cover his own stuff. But Elton can. An amazing recording, from one of my most prized bootlegs.

B is for Bird Song-Ryan Adams, Phil Lesh and Friends (Grateful Dead cover) Technically, Phil can’t cover his own stuff. But Ryan can.

C is for Communication Breakdown (Led Zep cover)-Ryan Adams

D is for Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)-Whiskeytown Live in 1977

E is for Elton! Rocket Man (Elton!)-Ryan Adams and Leona Naess.

F is for da funk! Love Rollercoaster (Ohio Players)-Ryan Adams (instrumental)

G is for Grateful Dead! One of my favorite things Ryan did recently was start playing all these Dead tunes at his shows. Awesome.

Stella Blue-Ryan Adams

Franklin’s Tower-Ryan Adams

H keeps this going with He’s Gone (Grateful Dead)-Ryan Adams

I is for I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy and the Stooges)-Ryan Adams

J is for Johnny Cash! Long Black Veil (Johnny Cash cover)-Ryan Adams

K is for the kids! The fucking boyband kids! I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover)-Ryan Adams

L is for Saturday Night Special (Lynyrd Skynyrd)-Ryan Adams

M is for Madonnna! Like a Virgin-Ryan Adams

N is for Helpless (Neil Young)-Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch

O is for Wonderwall (Oasis)-Ryan Adams

P is for Return of the Grievous Angel (Gram Parson cover)

R is for Tina Toledo-Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Rolling Stones)-Ryan Adams.

S is for Saturday Night Special (see “L” above).

T is for Tiny Dancer-Elton John and Ryan Adams

U is for ugh. I’m really getting tired. Are we almost done yet?

V is for Vexed. Ryan is often confused with Bryan, and he’s said publicly and repeatedly that it annoys the shit out of him to be asked at shows to sing Summer of 69. But, finally, he got a sense of humor about it. Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams)-Ryan Adams

Z is for Zip file.

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