The Sharp Things will release their third album on June 26, on Bar/None Records. If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of them before. That’s a shame.

This is an incredibly interesting album, different from anything else recently submitted to Berkeley Place.

First, they’re instrument-heavy. Rather than being a power trio or a wall-of-sound, A Moveable Feast has drum, guitar, piano and organ, violin, viola, trombone, trumpet, euphonium, cello, glockenspiel, sax . . . Even an accordion by the great Franz (“The Hold Steady”) Nicolay and additional music by The New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble. So to say that The Sharp Things are musicians is an understatement. This album is rich, deep, full, and at times revelatory. And yet wasn’t recorded in a studio!

This is Orchestral Pop of the highest order. It’s The Mamas and the Papas with strings. It’s a more contemporary, less preachy Blood Sweat and Tears. On the one hand, it’s got an old-fashioned sound. Pleasant music–the kind you could listen to with your parents without you being bored or them being offended. It makes me want to sit in rowboats and eat Rice Krispies treats. (Of course, I’m incredibly weird.) But on the other hand, the music is clearly informed by more modern sensibilities.

Enough out of me. You have to check these guys out. And they’re generous enough to allow to post two excusive tracks in addition to the one they offer on their own site!

Check ’em out and drop me a comment after you listen!

And Ocean Part Deux-Sharp Things

Storm King-Sharp Things

Rey-Sharp Things

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