It shouldn’t be a surprise that Marvel is back on top both in dollar and unit (actual comic book) sales, but here’s a shocker: Overall, May 2012 saw a 40% increase in comic book sales from May 2011.  And this was in no small part due to the publication of the DC’s first paperback collections of the New 52.  I say this because comics are pretty much flat from 2011 to 2012, but graphic novel sales are up a whopping 17%!
Image Comics also posted a healthy 7% of overall sales, probably due to the significant number of #1 issues released in May.

The actual top 10 loose comics sold were:

1. and 2.  Avengers vs. X-Men #4 and #3.
3.  Batman #9.
4.  Justice League #9.
5.  Batman Annual #1.
6.  AvX Vs. #2.
7.  Batman, Inc. #1
8.  Detective Comics #9.
9.  Action Comics #9.
10.  Green Lantern #9.

I personally find it nice that Grant Morrison has two books in the top 10, but I was pretty surprised that Batman, Inc., didn’t place higher—especially because it had a number one slapped on it.

For trade paperbacks/GNs, DC was able to knock the Walking Dead out of the number one slot, and pretty much dominated:

1.  Justice League Vol. 1
2.  Batman Vol. 1
3.  Walking Dead Vol. 1
4.  Batman: Death by Design Deluxe Edition
5.  Animal Man Vol. 1
6.  Walking Dead Vol. 4
7.   Kick Ass 2
8.  Walking Dead Vol. 3
9.  Watchmen Hardcover
10.  Green Lantern Vol. 1

So, nine of the top 10 had a movie or TV show released in the past year.  No surprise there.

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