SONGS: OHIA 11/16/01

Songs: Ohia, as far as I know, is dead. It was essentially singer-songwriter Jason Molina’s project from 1999-2003, when he established the Magnolia Electric Company. Jason posts lots of songs (and live shows in lossless format) at the Magnolia Electric Company website, so it’s not hard to find their stuff. I tend to go hot and cold with it, alternately blown away and bored. But lately, I’m more impressed than not, so I’m throwing up a post.

Songs: Ohia made an at times fascinating mix of indie rock, alt-country, and lo-fi folk. The album of “theirs” that moved me the most was the second, The Black Album, released on Secretly Canadian records. They also did great EPs, one with My Morning Jacket and another Will Oldham and Alasdair Roberts (billed as The Amalgamated Sons of Rest).

Without further ado, here’s Songs: Ohia, Nov. 16, 2001.


1. Jennie Blackbird’s Blues-Songs: Ohia.

2. Ring The Bell-Songs: Ohia.

3. Cross The Road, Molina-Songs: Ohia.

4. You Win Again (Hank Williams cover)-Songs: Ohia.

5. The Gray Tower-Songs: Ohia.

6. Two Blue Lights-Songs: Ohia

7. Didn’t It Rain-Songs: Ohia.

8. Division St. Girl / Capt. Badass-Songs: Ohia.

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