I posted on Eastern Conference Champions’ first EP
in March.
I’ve received their second, and I’m happy to say it’s much better than the first. And I liked the first.

The “Home Away” EP kicks off with The Box, a crawling number that would be indie rock if it wasn’t for the truly odd vocals that make this band so unique. The drumming here is almost like a march at places, while at others it sounds like something you’d hear from The Killers. The drums are still something that mark this band as great. The other musicians sometimes seem to be struggling to keep up. Not that the guitar work isn’t good–it is quite good–but the drums are just . . . I dunno. Awesome, I think. The strike the perfect balance between keeping the beat, driving the song, and not overshadowing the rest of the ensemble. Let’s call Greg Lyons the Paul Giamatti of drumming. Other standout tracks include Monster, billed as a “Home Recording.” It is the song that Axl Rose would have released if he was from SXSW. I love this song. Some will say the tortured vocals and nasal screams are derivative of GnR and all the hair metal of the ’80s, but who is doing vocal tracks like that these days? And besides, the music is so far from that that anyone who says that is just wrong. This is a great, fun song. Josh Ostrander takes risks with his voice, and there’s a big payoff. He does it again in Noah. I have no idea what this song is about, but it’s got more of the whining, pulsating Axl-style vocals I love.

The Box-Eastern Conference Champions

Noah-Eastern Conference Champions

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