I got a review copy of Dappled Cities new album, Granddance.

What an interesting record! And I don’t mean “interesting in the she-may-not-be-prom-queen-but-you-should-date-her-anyway kind of way. I mean interesting as in varied, provocative, and fresh. Produced by Peter Walker and Jim Fairchild (of Granddaddy), Dappled Cities’s new album, on the great Dangerbird label
(Home of Silversun Pickups and The One A.M. Radio), is the band’s second release—a follow up to 2004’s “A Smile”—and it shows extraordinary growth. With less of a jammy, improv feel, Granddance seems intensively crafted, but without being overly calculated. Plus, they seem to have dropped “Fly” from their name. The Australian band is trying to hit it here in the U.S., and we should all help them do so.

Granddance-Dappled Cities

Dappled Cities-The Eve the girl

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