RAPID SHOTS: EPs by The Dirty Nil, Andrew Bryant and Brighten

THE DIRTY NILL-Fuckin’ Up Young

See, when I got the solicit to check out Dirty Nil’s first 7” vinyl single Fuckin’ Up Young, I assumed it would be a cover Neil Young’s “Fucking Up.”  It isn’t.  What it is is a raucous, riotous single.  I loved it.  The B-Side, Verona Lung, isn’t quite as good—I’d like to hear what else these guys can do—but Fuckin’ Up Young is an anthem.

Get it free here.

Fucking Up Young

ANDREW BRYANT-Honeymoon/Blackbird (EP)

Here’s a free album from a singer/songwriter with a lot of talent…It’s a little depressing; the chorus to the lead cut features fast-tempo 1980s drone with the refrain, “What about our honeymoon?”  He doesn’t add “…You bitch!” at the end, but it’s implied.

Real good stuff.

Free at Bandcamp.

BRIGHTEN-I’ll Always Be Around (EP)

If you like the Goo Goo Dolls, you might dig Justin “A Rocket To The Moon” Richards’ new project, Brighten.

I’ll Always Be Around

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