What if Radiohead had been fronted by Eddie Vedder? Got the image? Okay, now add to the hypothetical that Eddie took lots of cough drops, to get rid of the gravel and snarl. Now, your’e close to getting what Chrisopher Blue is all about.

Chrisopher is a veteran of varied projects: He’s worked with John Cale. He was the frontman for Duff McKagan’s first post- Guns N’ Roses project, 10 Minute Warning. And he’s a pal of (and obviously influenced by) Mark Lanegan. All that experience results in a tight, calculated album. He named it perfectly.

Room Tones is more like a tone than an album–a persistent mood rather than a collection of songs. A sad voice drifting over plaintive, desperate lullabyes of paranoia and longing. Released date: April 17 on Sarathan Records. I’ve listened to this album several times, and each time it gets better. This may be one of the best albums of the year.
For fans of: Radiohead, Nick Drake, Mark Lanegan, Jeff Buckley, and Joseph Arthur.

Ghost in the Night- Chrisopher Blue

These thoughts-Chrisopher Blue

P.S.: I did not spell his name incorrectly.

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