Alex Delivery’s, “Star Destroyer,” opens with a track called, “Komad.” I have no idea what Komad is or means, but it’s a ten-minute space-rock jam that begins with whale-sound feedback trampling Arcade Fire style vocals. The noise never stops, although it does take detours through more industrial territory and also pauses at points long enough for you to have to strain your ears to grasp at faint plicks and clicks.

This is a record that mutates, never seeming to stop—the breaks between cuts are more brief interruptions than signals of a new idea or musical concept. It’s prog/space rock, experimental and rough, symphonic and big. Even bloated. I think rock critics would use the word, “layered,” but after listening to the record I feel overstuffed. My sole complaint is that the vocal tracks are so buried that at points I wondered why they were even there. Perhaps that’s why “Vesna,” an instrumental, was my favorite track.

This is not the kind of thing you can have on in the background, or listen to at a party, but if you’re sitting on your futon in the dark (or staring at black light posters), wondering why God has left you all alone in a vast, uncaring universe, Alex Delivery is perfect. For fans of Pink Floyd and space rock.

Komad-Alex Delivery


Heaven (Talking Heads cover)-Voxtrot

Young Folks Team9 Stereogum Remix-Peter Bjorn and John

The New Rags—Your Room

Louis—My Own Good

The Paper Airplanes—The Fences

The Arctic Monkeys, Stubb’s (Outdoors), Austin, TX – 7 June 2006

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