Majestic melodies. Sweeping instrumentation that flies. Intricate, precise arrangements. The Minor Canon are watchmakers of indie rock. In fact, the lyrics seem almost an afterthought. I’ve listened to No Good Deed Goes Unpunished several times now, and I can’t tell you what any of the songs are about. I just can’t get past the music. I try to force myself to pay attention, but the sounds make me drift. Fantastic meditative music for fans of Belle & Sebastian, Detective Kalita, Midlake, and The Acorn.

Killing Spiders-Minor Canon

A False Start-Minor Canon


I love Ron Sexsmith–He’s a fantastic songwriter and a great performer who knows how to have fun on stage. So, here’s an Audience recording from November 17, 2006, in Ireland. A couple MP3 tastes, and then a .zip file. Enjoy.

01.) Hands Of Time
02.) Imaginary Friends-Belle & Sebastian
03.) Ship Of Fools
04.) Right About Now
05.) Never Been Done
06.) How on Earth
07.) Snow Angel
08.) Jazz at the Bookstore
09.) Pretty Little Cemetery
10.) Never be the Same
11.) These Days
12.) If You Were Gone
13.) There’s a Rhythm
14.) Gold in them Hills
15.) Dragonfly on Bay St
16.) Strawberry Blonde
17.) Tell Me Again
18.) Thinly Veiled Disguise
19.) Give Me Peace [George Harrison cover]-Belle & Sebastian
20.) Not About to Lose
21.) Disappearing Act
22.) Tomorrow in Her Eyes
23.) All in Good Time
24.) Whatever It Takes
25.) Secret Heart
26.) Former Glory
27.) Beautiful View
28.) God Loves Everyone

Cop the .zip!

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