Edgy has never been a word to describe Cary Brothers, and that streak continues with their latest album, Bruises, despite the name and his quite-bashed-up visage on the cover.

“Oh, you see broken, I see strong/You have every right to be wrong/Show me where it hurts/Show me all the bruises…”

Yeah, Cary is still sensitive AF. I like this album more than many of his earlier efforts because of the obvious 1980s influences. Yeah, I know pop in the ’80s is considered by many a nadir, but for me it was a perfect time to be listening to radio singles. And many of the cuts on Bruises took me right back to the time when every song sounded like a soundtrack…

In particular, the lead singles Cool City and Crush feel like Peter Gabriel around the time of So. Start Might Feel, could be a slow Cure cover. This is not bad company to be keeping musically.

For now, I’m enjoying this album. I’ll see how it holds up towards the end of the year.

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