Yet another indie band from Chicago? Must be something in the water.

Chin Up Chin Up shouldn’t have to ask you twice to think positive. Like many of their hometown’s ilk, the emphasis is on excellent drums and rhythm section; avant pop lyrics; and moody melodies formed by guitar lines that weave up around and through the synthesizer. But don’t get the wrong idea—it’s also hooky and catchy. It doesn’t get stuck in slow shoegazer melancholy.

Chin Up Chin Up released their latest, This Harness Can’t Ride Anything, on October 10 of last year on Flameshovel Records, and I’m just getting wind of this gang that’s been making music together since 2001. Apparently, they’ve done shows with lots of more known indie bands, such as Bear vs. Shark, Pedro the Lion, American Analog Set, Broken Social Scene, Smog, Minus the Bear, and Pinback.From the new album:

“This Harness Can’t Ride Anything”-Chin Up Chin Up

From their earlier catalog:

Pillage the Village-Chin Up Chin Up

And a video:
Why is my sleeping bag a ghetto muppet?

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