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Hard core to rip out your ears to. Good stuff.


PILE-Magic Isn’t Real

Somewhere between the creeping self-importance of Fugazi and the fuck-it-all-let’s-have-fun of Offspring comes the screaming punk of Pile. They just released a new EP, below, but their terrific 2010 album is still available, free, off Bandcamp. You have got to hear the guitar work on “Came As A Glow.” If it doesn’t rock your knot, you’re fucking dead.


UGH GOD-A Pony On Top Of A Mountain

What the fuck is this? Song titles like “Midlife Sausage Crisis” and songs that go from angry, grinding, lo-fi punk with 1990s anthemic guitar solos to Pixies-like soft-loud verses (“I’ll Bust A Clap In Your Ass” is a great example), and vocals that sound like traditional indie rock except when they don’t.

And it’s free!

A college-band-basement album that is full of surprises and adrenaline. Check it out.


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