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WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES!: When the night is over and you want to come down edition…

A regular feature: Single songs and covers I’ve heard lately, usually submitted to me, that you need to get your ears on.  Pronto!

Tonight, a focus on the mellow and slow and sweet. Let’s start with a gal named Lemon, who has made a tight little tune…

Okay, this cut isn’t mellow in the same way as Lemon, but it’s slow for grimey rap. I swear Action Bronson is the second coming of Ghostface.

And speaking of slow-moving hip hop, just when I thought I’d heard enough covers of Kanye West’s Runaway, I heard this one. Fire.

Wilde Music covers Snow Patrol. I really like the complexity of the beats and breaks. It seems really simple until you really listen to it.


CZARFACE-Every Hero Needs a Villain

Okay, so there’s the MF DOOM factor. That right away makes this album a must-buy. Even if he only spits fire for a couple minutes.

But wait, there’s more. Czarface is Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck and the duo of 7L and Esoteric from Boston, Mass. Their first album hit in 2012, and was fantastic. So expectations are high here.

There’s tons of superhero references and samples—the kind of quick cuts and jokes that DOOM made famous a decade ago—and sometimes they just clutter the album and leave the reader wishing for more lyrics and less production. But that’s the exception. Overall, the album is packed with boasting, brash rap and tight beats. 7L knows his way around the boards. And Esoteric and Deck continue to issue some of the best work of their respective, impressive careers.

And if you buy the CD you get a comic book, tons of artwork (the CD pamphlet is nearly 80 pages long). It’s perfect for a summer that will include Ant-Man, Terminator and the Fantastic Four.



A regular feature: Single songs and covers I’ve heard lately, usually submitted to me, that you need to get your ears on.  Pronto!
The Social Experiment’s entire debut album, Surf, is free on iTunes. Why should you care? Because it includes Chance the Rapper on vocals. It’s good. Not great, but good.

Chet Faker does some of his best Radiohead…..

It’s always good to support female rappers, especially when Danny Brown makes an appearance….

Husky’s new album, Rucker’s Hill, sounds a little bit like Simon and Garfunkel if they’d been indie rockers.

I Be Ghost is that cool atmospheric kinda hip hop…Ya dig?

Okay, and speaking of indie, hip-hop(ish) tunes, this is a KILLER Mash Up….


COUSIN STIZZ-Suffolk County

I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s damn good. Be warned: He’s a thug. This is a tape about dealing drugs, beating people up, and generally being an asshole. Stizz is from Boston, and he’s got that “little urban” mentality—this is the voice of guys who never get off the corner, never stop hustling, and don’t even dream much bigger than that. “I speak of shit that I don’t know,” he says. And it seems to be true.

But he knows a lot. Yeah, there’s swagger and bravado here—and not much in the way of insight—but he paints a clear picture of a place, a person, a way of life. “This for the people. Follow me and I’ll lead you. Don’t let ‘em deceive you….They claim to be kings but nothing they do is regal.” That’s from “Talk,” which is just a long, sing-song rap that keeps going on and on like that. He’s got vocabulary, he’s got delivery, he can say stuff you’ve heard before in a way that makes you hear it differently.

Truly an amazing mixtape.

You can get it from datpiff here or Soundcloud, below



What the hell is this? I hear some almost hardcore rap delivery here, but then Frozen Tundra comes in and it’s an airy, almost Basehead-like space jam. Corbin (aka Spooky Black) is behind the board, and the beats are great. Bobby Raps is just….Odd. His lyrics are odd (when you can understand what he’s saying), and his delivery isn’t quite stoned…It’s more drunk. Very drunk. And as such he’s prone to angry sudden outbursts.

This is by far the strangest hip hop EP debut I’ve heard in a while.


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