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WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper!

An up-and-coming rapper (Bronson) teams up with a current big buzz fave (Chance the Rapper) and a high-powered producer (Mark Ronson). This has to be great, right? It is. It sounds a lot like Ghostface, though.

While we’re on the hip-hop thing, check out the new single from Baauer, featuring Fetty Wap and Dubbel Dutch. I’m loving the hook. If this is the future of indie rap top 40, I’m with it.

Covering Pink Floyd is never easy. But Luke Million just made it sound easy.

I’ll leave you with a video–Postmodern Jukebox, with Robyn Adele Anderson, have created a 1920s version of Coolio’s biggest hit…

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ODDISEE-The Good Fight

In a just universe, Oddisee is bigger than Kanye West.


L’ORANGE AND JEREMIAH JAE-The Night Took Us In Like Family

New hip hop from producer L’Orange and verbalist Jermiah Jae. I love the Gift of Gab cut. I haven’t heard anything new from him or Blackalicious in a long while. Jae is good, too. But I have to say: The production is trying a little too hard to be like MF DOOM. DOOM was always able to hit the balance between old TV clips and “overly busy” sounds. L’Orange tends to sound very busy. Not on every track, mind you, and he can put together a really solid sample-based hook. Throw in a guest spot from Homeboy Sandman, and it gets my recommendation. Check it out.


LILACS & CHAMPAGNE-Midnight Features Volume 2: Made Flesh

These guys call themselves an “instrumental psychedelic hip-hop hybrid.” That’s about right. Great beats and beds that feel like complete compositions.


BRICC BABY SHITRO-Nasty Dealer Mixtape

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what to make of this. There’s production by Clinton Sparks and friends, so the beats are good. The delivery is really different but…Really cool. The lyrics aren’t anything life-changing, but they’re funny and quick. But the thing just feels so fucking strange.

I think I like it doe.


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