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LUPE FIASCO-Tesuo and Youth

The problem with most rap albums is the music. It’s usually beats and hooks, without actual music. And there’s usually no sense of “album.” Kanye West tried to change that with his 808s and Heartbreak album, and it looks like the game has caught up–and surpassed him. In 2015, Kendrick Lamar released the most layered and complex rap album I’ve ever heard, and Lupe Fiasco released his riskiest. It’s hard to pick one line, or even three or five, that show Lupe’s skill as a lyricist–and how much he’s grown as an artist–but it’s worth mentioning his reference to Bach. The song, “Murals,” is an 8-plus minute masterpiece that begins with musical swirls that provide more than just the standard when-will-the-rapping-start anticipation–they provide context, and, frankly, they’re beautiful.

Long-form rap songs don’t sell. But Lupe, who experienced several false starts in his career and recently released Lazers to a terrible reception, seems totally at peace with that. And in embracing the fact that he is an older, more mature artist, he has found true freedom and powerful expression. And created one of the best rap albums of the year.

And if you can find the “Leftovers” mixtape, it’s quite good, too.



And he’s good! I was down with Lupe when he was a mixtape artist, and thought Food and Liquor was one of the best rap albums of the double aughts. I didn’t love his his later stuff, but I haven’t heard Tetsuo and Youth yet. Out of nowhere, he’s given us an Egyptian-themed mixtape and a spot on a single that shows the same kind of intelligent fire he brought when he showed up Kanye and Jay-Z both on the Diamonds are Forever remix.

He’s one of the best lyricists around today.


JOE KICKASS-The Walk that Water EP

Joe Kickass’ latest EP feels a bit like Lyrics Born or Gift of Gab: Old school flow, intelligent lyrics, and beats that cross the border between early 1990s and the now.

Very good stuff–looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.


WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Featuring tons of new singles!

New Yuck.

New AlascA.

New Lil’ Mama–I love the mix between Lil’ Kim, ODB, and the overall old school New York sound here…

New Marissa Nadler!

Metric has a new EP out…Here’s a cut…

I just love the title of this song….


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