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COUSIN STIZZ-Suffolk County

I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s damn good. Be warned: He’s a thug. This is a tape about dealing drugs, beating people up, and generally being an asshole. Stizz is from Boston, and he’s got that “little urban” mentality—this is the voice of guys who never get off the corner, never stop hustling, and don’t even dream much bigger than that. “I speak of shit that I don’t know,” he says. And it seems to be true.

But he knows a lot. Yeah, there’s swagger and bravado here—and not much in the way of insight—but he paints a clear picture of a place, a person, a way of life. “This for the people. Follow me and I’ll lead you. Don’t let ‘em deceive you….They claim to be kings but nothing they do is regal.” That’s from “Talk,” which is just a long, sing-song rap that keeps going on and on like that. He’s got vocabulary, he’s got delivery, he can say stuff you’ve heard before in a way that makes you hear it differently.

Truly an amazing mixtape.

You can get it from datpiff here or Soundcloud, below



What the hell is this? I hear some almost hardcore rap delivery here, but then Frozen Tundra comes in and it’s an airy, almost Basehead-like space jam. Corbin (aka Spooky Black) is behind the board, and the beats are great. Bobby Raps is just….Odd. His lyrics are odd (when you can understand what he’s saying), and his delivery isn’t quite stoned…It’s more drunk. Very drunk. And as such he’s prone to angry sudden outbursts.

This is by far the strangest hip hop EP debut I’ve heard in a while.



Lord Narf’s “Sick” is … Sick. It’s sick in the way it sounds—drunk, thick, “the kinda shit that make your face fall off.” It’s sick like it’s bad—you know, like it’s good. It’s sick like it’s astonishing.

Lord Narf of Awful Records is from Atlanta and her flow is pretty much steady stoner, but playful and full of mad creativity. I’m betting you haven’t heard anyone like her. Check it out.


MURS-Have a Nice Life

I’ve been a fan of Murs since “Murs is my Best Friend” dropped in 2001, and he always gets my eartention. His lyrics are always personal, but his newest album feels even more so. It’s a series of stories about himself and his friends living the street life, and it mixes between political protests against police brutality (“No More Control”), being a skateboarder (“Skatin’ Through the City”), trying to make it as a rapper instead of a drug dealer (on Anyways: “could have made a million flying birds up the interstate/iced out medallion the size of a dinner plate/if I don’t sell it to them/they gonna get it anyway”), and interracial romance (“Mi Corazon”). He’s not always the hero of the story, either. On “The Worst,” he seems to be blaming his mistress for bringing “the worst out of me,” when, of course, it’s really Murs who is cheating. “No side chick should have all this power,” he says, but also recognizes that he’s a “coward” who “doesn’t want to choose” between two women.

Another home run, Murs. Why this guy isn’t a bigger star is baffling.



Behold! The armored one! “Don’t get smacked like a practice ham.” This cut starts with Doom, he breaks through the opening with just a few bars but damn he hasn’t lost a thing. Pure momentum, pure power. Inspectah Deck does well, too, but I’m all about Doom.

Does this mean more is to come? We can only hope.

The soundcloud page has other cuts from Czarface, and they’re good too.

But Doom.


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