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This is easily one of the best albums of the year. It feels like the album Wu Tang Clan would make if they were getting their starts in the industry today, with contracts harder to come by and a premium payment for quirky beats.

And check out the long list of guests, including Wu Tang’s Raekwon: Ab-Soul, Casey Veggies, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, and Mac Miller fill out the roster of current-era underground mixtape superstars, and throw in the Chef and Scarface for some old school OG cred.

And the beats, all by Madlib, are amazing.  Check out a few samples below, then go buy the record.



This woman has an extraordinary voice, and she’s been signed to No I.D.’s label, which means she’s working with folks like Killer Mike and Common, and well on her way to stardom….

Check out a few tracks below. Especially “Bad Things.”

And here she is covering Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars…


CHAZ FRENCH-Happy Belated

Found out about this dude from Pigeons and Planes who, as of this writing, have a free download available of Chaz French’s new mixtape. It won’t change your life or anything–and if you don’t like rap, it won’t even change your mind. But if you’re looking for some new music by a strong lyricist with solid beats, this is a gem.

And there’s a free link to download here.



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