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JOE KICKASS-The Walk that Water EP

Joe Kickass’ latest EP feels a bit like Lyrics Born or Gift of Gab: Old school flow, intelligent lyrics, and beats that cross the border between early 1990s and the now.

Very good stuff–looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.



A freEP that comes with a warning: Do not listen to it while driving. It may lull you, hypnotically, into a such a quiet state that you’ll run into a truck and won’t even feel it. If a record could be a meditative state, it would sound like this. Great stuff.



If you listen to today’s featured EP and think it sounds like a younger version of MF DOOM, you’re forgiven. At 18 years old, Bishop Nehru has already worked with the legendary masked rapper as half of last year’s duo, NehruvianDOOM. And now he’s working on album, which is being produced by no less than fellow New Yorker Nas, one of the greatest rappers of all time.

This is just a little example of how his complex lyrics provoke thought…

“I’ve been out of my mind, feeling feeble.

Why am I the guy seen as evil?

Time is flying by like an eagle.
I’m trying to survive and be peaceful.”

This is not the kind of music you can have in the background–it will demand too much attention.  So get the freEP, listen well, and get ready for his official full length.

Get it here or from Soundcloud…


DON’T SHOOT-The Wonderkid EP

Haven’t heard of Don’t Shoot?  Don’t worry.  If there is any justice, you will.

You can say their debut EP borrows heavily from Ryan Adams, and you’ll be forgiven.  But listen close.  This is a band with incredible potential.  They know their way around an indie rock song.

Sometimes, an album hits me in the right place at the right time.  In this case, the creeping introductory instrumental of “The Sound Of” came through my car speakers during a light rain on a dark day, and when “Panic” came crashing in I was ready.

This is a truly great EP. I can’t wait to hear more!



This sounds like it’s straight off the AOR of the 1990s, when all you heard was Green Day and Offspring.  Solid basswork, classic-sounding vocals, and muscular hooks.  Lots of retro potential here.


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