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JOHN SIEGER (with GREG KOCH)-A Walk in the Park

We’re a quarter done with 2014, and nothing has hit me right between the eyes yet as a synch for my end-of-the-year best in indie rock.

Until now.

Why is John Sieger and Greg Koch‘s album so God damn awesome? I can’t put my finger on it. There’s no one song on “A Walk In The Park” that made me cry or scream. And truly it sounds a lot like late 1960s Rolling Stones. The “Let it Bleed” era, when they were still full of twang and grit–before Tattoo You turned them into a well-produced hit machine that presaged glam rock and the “cleaner” bands of the 1970s like Bob Seger. “Over the Falls” is so clearly a Mick Jagger song that I can’t believe he’s not singing on it. And if “Let Me Try Again” doesn’t do Little Feat better than Little Feat, then I must be crazy.

Good old honest country rock is one of my favorite genres, so maybe that’s why this one resonates so well with me. Or maybe it’s because their songs are so well crafted that they’ve been covered by the likes of The BoDeans and Dwight Yoakam.

It’s available at CD Baby and other places where you can try-before-you-buy. I suggest you get on it. Now.


JAY NASH-Letters from the Lost

What a fabulous album.

This is the tenth time Jay Nash has walked into a studio and recorded beautiful songs. “I am just a patron of the arts,” he says on “The Art Thief,” a song about struggling for his love and his craft. And it’s true. This is a man who writes visually about feelings–he tells stories with sadness and truth, songs that make you want to stop and sit still and listen. Music means something to Jay Nash–he’s not jsut doing it because it’s fun, he’s doing it because he has to.

“Sometimes you want to go home…Just a little bit of hope, you carry on.” he sings on “Sometimes.” And that’s exactly what this album feels like.

Available on May 14th here and on iTunes.



caitlin roser the stand-inI admit, I read too quickly when I put this submission into my playlist and thought it was the new Caitlin Cary–you know, the chick from Whiskeytown.  And truth to tell, there’s a similar sound: Smart country, with little-to-no twang (and where there is some, it’s subtle, tasteful, and charming).  But Ms. Rose is more traditional–and I mean that in a good way.

In fact, with every listen I’m loving this more and more. Especially the track titled “Waitin’.” It shoulda been the single! But I Was Cruel is good, too.

Check it out.

RIYL: Patsy Cline, Jack White’s album with Loretta Lynn, and, yes, Caitlin Cary.

I Was Cruel (direct link mpfree)



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