Breakfast In Hradec by Crimeapple and DJ Skizz

Jersey’s Crimeapple has been around awhile now, but I’ve known him mostly as a features artist. He’s put out several albums this year, and I’ll be checking all of them out based on the strength of Breakfast in Hradec. Some of the highlights for me include his comparison to Austin Powers if he was involved in powder, having a “powerful voice comedic tone but nothing’s funny.” The entire “La Lluvia” song, which plays on the letter “L” in one of the best songs of this kind–probably the best I’ve heard since Jay’Z’s classic “22 2s.” (Yes, I just compared Crimeapple to Jay-Z. And DJ Skizz samples Hova on the excellent “40 days 40 nights.” It’s a great rap/soul track.

The beats are flawless.

DJ Skizz and Crimeapple first worked together on “Wet Dirt,” which is now in my “pending” playlist. It’s not often I get to discover an artist with a past discography. I’m looking forward to getting know Crimeapple better!

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