No man and no song can soothe me. I’m pierced by the arrows of pain
I’ll lay in the grass by the mountain and summon the wind and the rain
But are you a trick of the memory that the old Gods are playing on me?
Carry my prayers on the ocean, carry my prayers on the sea

Emily Scott Robinson is a person of faith and every song on her new album, American Siren is about faith and God, but unlike most country gospel, she doesn’t shove it down your throat or even assume that you, the listener, share her beliefs. Instead, her powerful lyrics and amazing, plaintive voice, simply tell stories of how her higher power guides her through the real world, the world of people, and helps her have the strength to get through the mundane, the painful, the beautiful, and the profound.

“Be careful of the bottle when you have your first drink. The pull it will have on you is stronger than you think.” That’s from “Things You Learn the Hard Way,” an obvious single from a terrific album.

She’s on tour now. I’ve already bought tickets. This is her debut album. May she have many more.

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