THE WHIGS-“Mission Control”

Introducing the best Foo Fighters album of 2008 . . . And it’s by The Whigs!

Some folks make serious music, others come to party. The Whigs do a little of both, kinda like late-era Replacements, but the emphasis of the music is on powerful beats and heavy riffs. “Mission Control” is a solid album that doesn’t bother taking risks or making statements because it doesn’t have to. As soon as the first track, “Like a Vibration,” began, I was in pig heaven. Or I should say Whig heaven. It begins with one long, expanding, 12-second riff, before the vocals kick in and the stellar drums take control.

There’s so few bar bands making good, solid rock and roll these days that the Whigs are a welcome addition to 2008. If you don’t know The Whigs, you should.

For fans of: Johnny Lives!, Paul Westerberg, The Blakes, Marah, and good-time rock and roll.

Right Hand On My Heart

Like a Vibration

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