ALBUMS OF THE WEEK: Holy Fuck and The Beths

Holy Fuck’s latest album, which is a huge departure in sound and technique, came out in January.  Obviously, I’m having trouble keeping up with the sheer number of records that come out each week!  But anyway, better late than never.

HF, historically, have used a mix of instruments, electronica, and random sounds, to craft fairly aggressive songs.  Their initial goal was to avoid traditional electronic techniques like loops, so that their albums could be played live.

As a Canadian indie band, they’ve had great success—soundtracking movies, commercials, big name video games and even an episode of Breaking Bad.

Their new album, Deleter, hasn’t met with the kind of critical favor their prior albums got, but in my view, it’s their most sophisticated work—it eschews the pulse-raising highs of their prior work while at the same time moving closer to EDM than their prior work.  It feels like improvisational jamming at some points—lacking tight structure—while still maintaining their genre themes.

It’s like, it’s the same kind of music as their prior albums, but also entirely different.

I love this record!

And from the precision craft of experimental EDM, let’s jump into pop. Pure, joyous pop. The Beths’ second record won’t change your life, but it will probably make you dance and smile. Wonderful harmonies, lyrical humility, and power chords.

Sometimes, this is exactly what you need.

Runner Ups:
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