ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Non-U.S. Edition!

Some good non-American music has come out recently, and my first pick for Album of the Week is La vita nuova, the new EP byt Christine and the Queens. The first track, People I’ve Been Sad, was an advance single, but now it’s grouped with five other terrific pop tunes, some in French, and there’s even a guest spot by Caroline Polachek.

Lovin’ it!

Next, Ramson Badbonez’s “Death Mask” is a very nice British hip hop collection produced by Mark Fear. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Runner up:
For our final album worth checking out this week, we’re back to our side of the pond for Swamp Dogg’s Sorry You Couldn’t Make It. Good, strong southern soul–timeless. It’s grown on me every time I’ve heard it.

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