If you liked the latest album by The Killers, raise your hands. Okay, there’s a few of you. But not many. Now, if you liked liked the Killers album by Wolf Parade, raise your hands. There we go. Lots of hands.

No, Wolf Parade are not a knock off of Brandon Flowers’ glam/Americana rockers. But there’s a few songs–in particular, “Valley Boy,”–on the new album, Cry Cry Cry, that do The Killers’ sound much better than they’ve done themselves in a very long time.

The album is a comeback–the first new record by the band in seven years–and it seems to have been inspired by Donald Trump. So don’t say he never did anything for you. There’s two songs that are clearly about him, “the blonde-haired demigod,” and the people who follow him.

Song after song, they play crushing rock-and-pop jams, each one more perfect than the last.

“You’re Dreaming” is the single, and they’re not streaming any other cuts (at least not that I could find), so you’ll just have to trust me: This is a stellar album.

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