Tim Kingsbury, the bass player for the progenitors of this century’s version of indie rock, The Arcade Fire, releases a solo album. And it’s great. As you’d expect, there’s an emphasis on 1980s synth lines and it’s very heavy on rhythm. Think of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor period. Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara is on most of the tracks, so there’s definitely a similar feel–but it’s so much more than a side project from a supporter of Win and Will Butler–Kingsbury has his own voice. Unlike his band, his songs aren’t about pain. They don’t mourn and cry. Rather, they’re joyous. Like “100 Decibels.” I don’t know if it’s the fact that if focuses on a number (and the number 100 at that), but it feels like The Proclaimers: A reveling, unstoppable single.

At the same time, Sam Patch’s version of pop/dance is sophisticated. Check out “Never Meant No Harm,” probably the most experimental song on the album–the vocals are almost spoken word, but the insistent beat and the chorus keep it moving, masquerading as pure pop. While staying interesting enough to satisfy multiple listens. It’s complex.

Not too many samples available for streaming, but check out what I found…

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