Here’s a strange cover of a strange song: “All is Full of Love,” original by Bjork, covered by VAults, on very interesting instruments and sung by Kai, who appears to have a very similar accent to Bjork’s.

And speaking of covers: The Eurythmics’ Missionary Man never sounded more soulful…

White Lung’s grrrrl power rocker Paradise came out six months ago, but I just heard it and I really liked it. Sharing a single:

Charles Bradley’s new album, Changes, is some damn fine old school soul music.

And if retro is what you’re into, you might also like River Whyless’ new one—traditional country/folk music.

I’m betting Blood Orange’s new album will end up on quite a few best of lists at the end of the year. I really like it, too.

But probably the most infectious single I heard this week is Anxious by How To Dress Well…

And here’s a nifty little pop tune from the Rumble Skulls.


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