BAND OF HEATHENS-Sunday Morning Record

If you like AM 1970s radio and The Black Crowes, this is the perfect album for you.  If you dig The Grateful Dead’s more accessible tunes, like Friend of the Devil and Casey Jones, this is the perfect album for you.

Turns out, I do like those things.  And therefore I like this.

Get the single for the price of an e-mail address here.  You can also buy quite a few bootlegs here, which I really appreciate it–because if you can’t do it live, then how can I trust you?  (Although, if you’re selling them, then they aren’t really bootlegs, are they?)

And a few live cuts I found from around the interwebs, just for flavor. They’ve actually got quite a bit up for download at the archive

All these are direct links:

Miss My Life (from Sunday Morning Record)
Since I’ve Been Home (my favorite some from Sunday Morning)

I’ve Got a Feeling (Beatles)
Kiss (Prince)
Quinn The Eskimo (Bob Dylan)
Brown Eyed Women (Grateful Dead)
No Great Mystery (Wayne Sutton)
Joy (Lucinda Williams)

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