Extremely good freEp, which you can get here.

I don’t know why so many folks are covering Pat Benetar these days, but it warms my heart. She was totally my favorite when I was ten. And surprisingly, the craft of her songs holds up real well.



[soundowl track_id=”2lsl” title=”Shadows of the Battlefield (Pat Benatar Medley) – Free Download” artist=”Colossal Gospel” url=”colossal-gospel-shadows-of-the-battlefield-pat-benatar-medley-free-download” ]
Download Thao & Mirah Love Is a Battlefield (pat benetar)

[soundowl track_id=”2lsm” title=”Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benetar)” artist=”Bird by Bird” url=”bird-by-bird-love-is-a-battlefield-pat-benetar” ]