Once upon a time, there was this amazing Rolling Stones soundalike band called the Deadstring Brothers.  I f*^%ing loved that band.  They’ve fallen off a bit, but those first singles they put out, and their first two albums, were absolute fire.

Alabama Shakes remind me of them.

Not only do they have a wicked cool Southern band name, but they play the blues like…Well, like nobody else I can think of.  And they’ve got a raw, powerful passion that recalls the greats of this genre: lead singer Brittany Howard delivers every line with the aching of rejection that recalls Janis Joplin; lead guitarist Heath Fogg blasts licks like John Popper; and the bass-and-drums of Zac Cockrell and Steve Johnson are tighter than the duo of the The White Stripes.

I know I can be prone to hyperbole, but this is the Greatest Blues EP Of The Year and one of the Best New Bands out there. Yeah, hype it. Take a listen to “Hold On,” below, and the live performance I added to prove my point and tell me I’m wrong. Go ahead. And I’ll ban your fucking IP address for having no taste.

Hold On

Just four measly bucks at bandcamp.  C’mon, dear readers, dig deep!

Here they are live:

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