INFINITO 2017 & DIRT E. DUTCH-Without Permission

Dirt E. Dutch is an indie hip hop producer from Danbury, Connecticut, who is responsible for the popular IndieFeed iTunes podcast and is affiliated with the rap collective Antfarm Affiliates.

Infinito 2017 is a Chicago emcee, and fits into that “positive” rapper realm–guys who know their history, have a message of personal empowerment, and eschew unnecessary profanity. Guys like KRS-One, Mos Def and Talib.

Their joint project, “Without Permission,” is a solid effort: Several cuts will get your head bobbing and hear racing, despite the lofi production and fairly straight ahead beats. Infinito drops rapid-fire cultural references and images, and generally seems to be in full elevation mode. Power to the people.  Check it out.


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