D-SISIVE-Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye

D-Sisive (Derek Christoff) has reasons to be bitter.  He won the 2009 Polaris award and got nominated for an 0h-ten Juno, only to get sued for copyright infringement and see his career fizzle as fast as it popped. Also, he’s a Canadian rapper, which doesn’t usually lead to good results. And that bitterness is all over his “come back” album (although he really hasn’t been away very long), “Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye.”

Like his previous, award-winning work, the album is packed full of pop cultural references to everything from Vanilla Ice and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album to Franz Kafka, unusual wordplay, and more honesty than you can ask for–and probably more than D-Sisive should really provide.  Like his most obvious reference point, Eminem, the deep introspection here reveals a highly flawed individual–one who thinks he’s right, even when everyone else can tell he’s wrong.  At points, the listener may want to grab D-Sisive and tell him that he reason he isn’t as big as Jay-Z is not because he’s white or because he refuses to sell out or because he’s from Canada (although, truly, none of that helps): It’s because there’s a lot of other really, really talented rappers out there, too, and the game is hard.  Not that  D-Sisive should quit: He’s extremely good.

Get the whole album free here.  It’s truly sad that so many talented artists have to give their music away, but the flip side is: The music really has to stand out these days in order to capture ears and hearts.  If you dig rap, though, I think this one will work for you.  Solid, solid stuff.

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