This a convenient index to all the posts where I review an entire comic book series, or provide retrospectives of characters or titles. Click on the titles to connect to their index page.

DC (and imprints)

The Authority
 (Top 10 arcs) (Wildstorm)
Batman’s Page (DC)
Blackest Night (A Panel from Every Issue) (DC)
Deadshot (2005 miniseries) (5 Panels From…) (DC)
Deathblow Volume 2 (5 Panels From…) (Wildstorm)
The Demon by Garth Ennis (A Panel from Every Issue) (DC)

The Justice League (A Panel from Every Issue) (DC)
Global Frequency (feature) (Wildstorm)
Gotham Central (A Panel from Every Issue) (DC)
Hard Time (feature)(DC Focus)
The Joker (1975 series) (A Panel from Every Issue of) (DC)]
Northlanders (5 Panels From…)(Vertigo)
Planetary (Wildstorm) Secret Six by Gail Simone (A Panel from Every Issue) (DC)
Solo (5 Panels From…) (DC)
Suicide Squad Vol. 1 (A Panel from Every Issue) (up to #23) (DC)
Superman’s Page (DC)


Civil War and Civil War Frontline (feature)
Deadpool (Every Appearance Of)
Marvel Fanfare (A Panel from Every Issue)
Marvel Knights Strange Tales (5 Panels)
M.O.D.O.K. (every appearance of)
Moon Knight (every appearance of)
New Universal by Warren Ellis (feature)
 (A Panel from Every Issue)
Punisher (every appearance of)
ROM the Spaceknight (feature)
Thanos (every appearance of)
Tomb of Dracula (feature)
What If? (feature)


And Then Emily Was Gone (feature) (Comixtribe)
The Boys (A Panel from Every Issue) (Dynamite)
Criminal (feature) (Icon/Image)
Godland (5 panels) (Image)
Manhattan Projects (feature) (Image)


Cameos! (a tribute to celebrities and comics creators appearing in comics)