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a little bit of BK in VA

X-FORCE #129: The Final Issue


IMG_7795X-Force ended because so many fans were pissed that their black op X-Men mag had been turned into its exact opposite: A brightly colored team that was in the spotlight, public, and all about making money off being heroes.  But before she died, Edie whispered the name of the new team into the ear of the team leader, and her boyfriend, Mister Sensitive.

And you’ve got to love Mike Allred’s covers in this series.  This one in particular….

Anyway, nothing to fear.  X-Statix got its own book the very next month.



A fresh new voice from Maryland, Ace Cosgrove has youth on his side. He’s starting out with a crisp delivery, terrific beats (by Black Diamond, FredP, Khamsin, I.V., Merce, Royal, Stolbowsky and Thomas Foolery), and wild-and-crazy ideas. His new mixtape is 100% new material–no reproduced singles here–and 100% original.

You can download the whole thing free on Soundcloud, and it gets my highest recommendation.


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