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a little bit of BK in VA


It takes some balls to throw your lyrics over beats from one of the greatest rap albums of all time, but on track two Dom Kennedy takes on Dr. Dre, spitting over Tha Next Episode. But then takes on beats made famous by Jay-Z, Pharrell, and LL Cool J.

Dom Kennedy taking on Dr. Dre is appropriate: Kennedy turned down a major label offer from Interscope, preferring instead to retain full artistic control and be independent. That makes him a hero on this blog, which was created to celebrate indie artists. I’m one of the few bloggers still staying true to that ethos; most of my old compadres got deals with larger companies or, in most cases, just faded away.

So this is a mixtape in the tradition of the great Clipse “We Got It 4 Cheap” series: Upstart swagger insisting it’s better than the best. But is it? Of course not. And isn’t even Dom’s best work—but there’s some of his classic, laid back sound here. Honestly, it sounds like he just ran into a studio and freestyled, which makes it kind of fun to listen to.

“I should be on the cover the magazines/Player of the year, yeah that has a ring” Dom says, before he recognizes how he doesn’t have a record deal. Yeah. But you’ll always have a place on this site.




IMG_8999In Action Comics #432, the greatest Superman artist of all time, Curt Swan, redesigned one of Superman’s Golden Age goes.  The original was fatter, older, more experienced…

In a script by Cary Bates, the old Toyman passed the torch to the newer and skinnier version, and his big wad.  This is the version that would stick around (get it, ’cause of the gum) for quite some time.

The issue went on sale November 29, 1973.



VARIOUS ARTISTS-A Salute to the Thin White Duke

What, another David Bowie tribute? Yeah. But this one really does some cool stuff with the songs, and more than half of them are definite keepers.

Standouts for me are the plaintive version of “John, I’m Only Dancing” by Jesca Hoop; Electric Six’s booming “Blue Jean,” which I may like more than the original; and, of course, Rogue Wave and Heartless Bastards are always welcome to any party.


THE 100 BEST MUSICS IN 2015: #89-76

Day two of my list. Let’s get started. No dilly dally.

89. SURREAL MCCOYS-Whole Lotta Folsom (Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin mash up)

Hear that? It’s a party going on. A “real band” mash-up of Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin.

88. INJURY RESERVE-Live from the Dentist Office
Proof that not every white rapper other than Eminem has to try to sound like someone else. This is hot.

87. WANT TO WANT ME-Nicole Cross (Jason Derulo)
Oh my God. This girl looks like she’s 12 but she sings like she’s lived twenty lifetimes.


I’ve been loving Lucki as part of FKA twigs and on his own. This year, he gave us a free mixtape that proves stoner rap can still be creative, innovative, and awesome. And Chance the Rapper even makes an appearance!

More on the next page!


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