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a little bit of BK in VA


Garth Ennis’ treatment of The Demon was fairly similar to Marvel’s Hulk character (and ironically, both were created by Jack Kirby). Specifically, at the end of his run Ennis sent Demon to Hell, where Jason Blood separated from his internal adversary–just like John Byrne did to the Hulk. And also like Byrne’s take on Banner and Hulk, Blood and Demon were adversaries–and Blood outsmarted his super-powered other self.

It’s too bad this happened so close to the end of Ennis’ run because I bet he could have done a lot with this concept. But he went on to do great stuff on the Hitman solo series, so I can’t be sad he left Demon less than a year after this issue.



Do androids have birthdays?  I dunno.  But Life Model Decoys, aka LMDs, first appeared in Strange Tales #135, which hit newsstands on May 4, 1965.  In the story, Nick Fury created the robots to serve as a body double to trick HYDRA during an attack.

The LMD has yet to appear in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. I thought for sure that was how they would revive Agent Coulson, but instead their doing some weird thing with Tahiti that I still don’t really get.

Ah, well.  Enjoy your day, LMDs!




Some good, honest pop music coming out of As Washington, D.C. Indie rockers Mittenfields have been playing together for a while now, and it shows. It’s also remarkably well produced when you factor in that this is a self-release.

DIY–way to go guys!


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