WHITE RABBITS-“It’s Frightening”

What’s better than a new Spoon album? Well, nothing. But what’s almost just as good? The new White Rabbit album. It’s Frightening is produced by Britt Daniel, and the album sounds like a constant tug-of-war.  White Rabbits’ debut was terrific, but at spots it was a bit inaccessible.  Here, Daniel injects his beat-beat-beat driven style into White Rabbits’s more adventurous, experimental, and spacey musical instincts, resulting in incredible combinations like the James Bond bassline, played on piano, on “Lionesse,” creeping under stellar vocals and fantastic guitar work.  You simply will not find a better indie rock album this year.  It gets my highest praise, my strongest recommendation, and has already gotten five straight-through listens from me.  In my busy, music-laden universe, that’s the highest possible praise.  From TBD Records, the folks behind Radiohead’s “In Rainbows.”

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