For those who don’t know, The Dresden Dolls were partly responsible for the goth cabaret movement to which current bands like My Chemical Romance owe a great, unacknowledged debt. They’re a power duo, and they’ve got a new album out called “No Virginia,” which is basically previously unreleased stuff and B-Sides, but it’s got a great cover of the Psychedelic Furs on it. It’s also got a cool studio version of their Jane’s Addiction cover (“I Would For You”), which I won’t post to encourage you to buy the album and support the band.

Plus, the new album gave me the idea for this post: Dresden Dolls covers! I’ve also included some originals that are available at their website, so you can hear a little more of what they’re about.

There’s a zip file of the ones that aren’t direct links from their site, so if you don’t see a savefile link for a song you want, it’ll be in that file. All covers are live except for Pretty in Pink, which is off “No Virginia,” as a teaser to encourage you to buy that album!

A is for A Night At The Roses.

B is for Beasties! Fight For Your Right to Party (Beastie Boys)

C is for Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex cover)

D is for David Bowie! Life on Mars (Bowie cover).

D is also for
Help me get higher ratings!

E is for Eisbar.

F is for Blueprint (Fugazi cover)

G is for Golden Age (Beck).

H is for Herr! Mein Herr (Liza Minelli from Cabaret).

I is for I Would For You (Janes Addiction)

J is for Amsterdam (Jacques Brel).

K is for Karma Police (Radiohead cover) with Jerome Dillon .

L is for Lennon! Imagine (John Lennon) with Ryan Ross of Panic! at the Disco

M is for Mad World (Tears for Fears).

N is for Nilsson, and O is for One feat. The Ambitious Orchestra (written by Harry Nilsson).

P is for the Psychedelic Furs!

Pretty in Pink (Psychedelic Furs).

The Ghost in You (Psychedelic Furs)

P is also for In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd).

R is for Rid of Me (PJ Harvey).

S is for the hilarious Sheep Song.

T is for 2 Headed Boy (acoustic) (Neutral Milk Hotel)

U is for Ultimate Esperanza.

W is for War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

Z is for ZIP FILE!!

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